About the Clinic

Île des Chênes physiotherapy opened in 2018 to serve the local community.  We offer personalized, effective and evidence based physiotherapy treatment to keep our clients independent and functioning at highest possible level.  Our physiotherapists offer a variety of personalized treatments in order to treat each individual client with a program that is most beneficial to their unique condition.  The clinic is well equipped to facilitate a diverse treatment approach.  Our space is divided into four “curtained” treatment cubicles, a private treatment room and a large workout area.

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function and fitness. The goal of physiotherapy is to return people to their usual activities as soon as possible with the skills and knowledge to help prevent re-injury. Physiotherapy treatment can help people at all ages and stages of life when movement and function are challenged by injury, pain, aging, disease, disorders, surgery, environmental factors or simply sub-optimal body mechanics and physical deconditioning.

Physiotherapists are university educated professionals. Physiotherapists are regulated by a governing body which imposes strict entry level educational requirements, practice guidelines, and life long commitment to continuing education.

Physiotherapists are qualified to:

  • undertake a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal examination of the client
  • evaluate the results of the subjective (patients complaints) and objective (physical tests) examination to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan
  • implement a physiotherapy treatment program and evaluate the results
  • recommend self management techniques, exercises, and re-injury prevention advice
  • formulate return to work or return to sport plans
  • discuss lifestyle and activity modification
  • discuss and provide guidance on active living, health promotion, injury prevention and disease/disability management
  • recognize when a condition is outside the scope of physiotherapy practice and recommend further assessment with other appropriate health care providers as indicated (eg Physicians for x-rays, MRI, blood tests and other medical intervention)
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